Web Development

The web sites that we build are functional and efficient, professionally presented, aesthetically pleasing for their intended purpose, and with a clear focus on the concept of informing rather than entertaining the consumer. Our websites get the job done and accurately reflect the 'real world' nature of a particular business.

We have built many successful web sites over the past 8 years, and that experience has left us in no doubt that consumers will go online and use your website as a place to do business and that goes for retail and professional services web sites, as much as does for travel and tourism sites.

You have one chance to sell to a website visitor. Your website needs to be a sales office, not a sales aid like a brochure, and unless your website answers all of the questions and satisfies all of the immediate needs of a potential customer, they will move on to someone else.

Since you aren't there to deal with your customer personally, your website needs to assume that role on your behalf and must contain the information that you would normally provide to a customer in a "face-to-face" sales encounter.


Think of our job as assembling the story you wish to tell your website visitors. We contribute our expertise to this process, but the bottom line is that these visitors are your customers assessing your product in the context of your marketplace, and you will need to provide us with answers to the following 3 questions in order for us to build something that works for you, and for them:

  • What products or service are you selling?
  • Who are you selling the product or services to?
  • How are you selling this product or service?

These are questions that your website visitors will be asking themselves to make sure that your website is the right place for them to be. And the answers provided on the website will then need to be re-enforced by the way you interact with them further along the business process.

A website should be part of a business plan, not a replacement for one.


We are creating a technical framework for the delivery of your content, and as such we reasonably expect you to provide the image, text and multimedia content for the website. We will obviously guide you in what's required, but without the necessary content the story will only be partially told.

Good quality relevant images and punchy well developed copy are independent of website design and delivery framework, but they make such a huge difference to the effectiveness of the site and its ability to convert visitors into customers.

If you require assistance with photography, copy writing, multimedia or video production, please contact us for assistance.

We can assist you to turn your online business plan into an internet reality, give you a starting point if you aren't sure where to begin, and guide you through the process of developing a commercially appropriate online presence.

We also do the mechanical and technical aspects of turning the individual components of your website content (text, images, etc) into a cohesive whole that matches the needs of your customers and clients.


The internet is now a serious marketplace and your website visitors will be assessing your product based on the professionalism of your web site. As it becomes an increasingly important part of your marketing effort, is your website actually letting you down?

  • Do your staff avoid telling customers that you have a website because they are embarrassed by it?
  • Does your site still have frames even though they interfere with search engine registrations?
  • Is it the same colour and design as all of your local competitors because all of you used the same local creativity-challenged web developer?
  • Do you have clip art on your site that you wouldn't dream of putting on your brochure?
  • Does your website look completely different to all of your printed material?
  • Does it still look the same as it did in 1999?
  • Was it built by someone who was too young to vote? (but they were cheap!)
  • Is it slow to load because of overly large files or graphics?
  • Do you feel you're losing out to lesser competitors because they have a better looking web site?

A professional style of presentation is important, but if your website also doesn't "feel" like your product, you will be sending the wrong message to your potential customers in this predominantly visual medium.

For a small investment in the online future of your business, We can re-image your website to give it a more contemporary feel, and one that is in tune with the way you want to be presented to the international consumer.

If there are no structural or content changes required, a simple website face lift can cost as little as $800 for a site of less than 5 pages.


Timeframes vary from job to job, and with seasonal changes in my workload, but you can assume that Setup will take 7-10 days from the time I have received all of the site materials from you, and Construction a further 7-10 days to first draft. Final text proofing generally takes 2-3 days once you have advised me of changes necessary.

What's Next?

Whether you are planning your first web site, or looking to improve an existing web site, send us an email at sales@brisbanewebsolutions.com to discuss your options.